Our Therapy Center

Activities for Development is a fully equipped facility that was specifically designed to provide children with special needs an ideal environment to enhance and further their skills. Our 11,000 square foot facility was designed especially for the pediatric population. The smaller treatment rooms and “gym area” offer a safe and challenging setting for children to learn, grow, and experience new opportunities for success.

We have three custom engineered,16 foot-high suspended swing systems in fully equipped, protected areas to address movement and sensory issues. There are a variety of different swings to help the children develop their skills, and challenge themselves in a comfortable environment.

There is space for large obstacle courses which can accommodate different levels of abilities to enhance motor planning, improve balance, and strengthen gross motor skills. We make Activities for Development a fun, safe place that can challenge each child to learn and grow.

Learn more about the therapies that we offer …

Occupational Therapy Speech / Language Therapy   Physical Therapy
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