Why This Clinic?

“When I built Activities for Development, I wanted to have a center that children would associate with ‘fun’, and not a place that is just a medical facility. When children walk through the front door, they see a place that looks like an over-sized playground, and immediately want to go play.

We take this desire to play and incorporate it into our therapy. This creates a setting that makes the child feel as if they aren’t actually doing any ‘work.’ In actuality, they are receiving therapy from the moment they walk into the gym, to the time they leave with their parents.”

– Carlina Cuttler OTR

We are a family oriented facility and believe that communication between the therapists and the family is essential to help the child achieve the best possible results.

Activities for Development has been in business for 20 years. We were in our old location for 11 years and our current location since 2005.

We have longevity with the therapists.
We don’t have waiting lists.
We care not only about the person we are seeing, but the whole family.

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