We are so thrilled with the progress our 8 year old son has made since receiving help at Activities for Development! He is enrolled in both Speech and Occupational therapies and the changes we have seen in the past 6 months have been amazing. His confidence and physical coordination have improved so much that he received the “Most Improved PE student” award at his school. His coach said that he is a completely different kid!! He continues to make strides in his speech and is now reading at grade level!

The therapists at Activities for Development are wonderful! They give us tools to use at home to support his progress and always come to talk to us at the end of each session. It feels wonderful to know that his therapists are just as excited about his “victories” as we are! The office is inviting and comfortable and we love that it feels like extended family!

Sarah M. - Parent

Our son, Jonah, has been receiving speech and occupational therapy from Activities for Development since just before his second birthday. He is now nine and a half. In that time, Jonah has worked with virtually every member of the staff at Activities for Development. Each and every one has shown our son care and consideration and has been knowledgeable and resourceful in working with Jonah. Jonah’s time at speech and OT is always well spent, and it is a highlight of his week. He LOVES coming to Activities for Development as they make the time he spends there not only beneficial for him in developing his skills, but also fun. The seven-plus years we have spent with Activities for Development have been some of the most beneficial hours we have spent. He has developed new skills, increased his abilities and had wonderful experiences. We are endlessly grateful to Carlina and her staff for all the time, energy and care they have put into helping Jonah.

LP - Parent

Activities for Development changed my life. I started with Carlina and Marcie when I was three. They showed me what fun therapy could be. In fact, going to the gym was something I always looked forward to! I am now a High School Graduate, and moving on to college. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, Carlina. Thank you!

B. A. - Former Patient

On our first visit to Activities for Development, I cried…with joy. My son who was so sensory sensitive couldn’t swing, or play on a playground, but he was in a swinging and smiling at the end of his first session. We continued with Carlina for many years. She developed a specific sensory program to meet his needs, while my son enjoyed every minute. He still has a strong relationship with Carlina. He is a confident and capable young man heading to college and the world beyond. I will always be grateful.


My son and daughter have been at Activities for Development now for three years. My son suffers from a Chromosome disorder; he has slow learning, speech and motor skill delays. My daughter was born with Polland Syndrome which also affects some of her motor skills. Four years ago my son could only say one word “Ma”. I took him to several different therapy places and no one else could get him to say any other words. My son now can speak in full sentences, he is no longer shy. They have helped him with his confidence, he has come a long way, and he loves their gym. My daughter has learned helpful techniques on how to use more of her muscles and is building strength. Over this three year period, Activities has been very welcoming and professional. If I have any questions or concerns about anything they are always willing to help me or answer any questions. They always have good advice and continue to help us by reminding us of the skills that we have learned. I now look at my children’s toys in an entire different way and how the simplest things can become learning tools in a fun way. My family has become close with the staff. I could not ask for a better development facility with an amazing and awesome group of people. Thank you!!!

Jenette L. - Parent

I am the parent of three beautiful children. Our family has faced many challenges over the years. We are a unique family because we are military and we have three children with very different needs. My oldest daughter has always been very social and very smart, but she was very afraid to do simple things that other kids would consider to be fun. She wouldn’t swing or play on a playground. She has always been clumsy and struggled to keep her balance. She suffers from an anxiety disorder and a slight lisp. My middle child is just the opposite. She didn’t speak and wasn’t afraid of anything even though she had the challenge of being premature. If she could find it she would climb it or jump off of it. She didn’t walk until she was almost 18 months old. My son was a big blessing and also a big surprise. He was much larger than my other children and grew much quicker. Both of my younger children had torticollis and required cranial helmets as well as physical therapy from a very young age. As a military wife, I often feel like a single parent and with being much younger than most moms with three kids I started to feel like I was in over my head.

When I received the news that my middle child would require speech therapy, I went home with the long list of places to take her. The answer was always the same – no room or they didn’t return my calls. And then I called Activities for Development. The staff was kind and returned my phone call in a matter of minutes. Little did I know how much my life was going to change from that phone call. Carlina arranged to see all of my children all at once, and within weeks I saw an amazing improvement. My children have been seen by the staff at Activities for Development for Speech and Occupational Therapy for about a year and the changes have been amazing. I was skeptical at first about this whole sensory integration thing, but I quickly realized its benefits. My oldest daughter has gone to kindergarten and is willing to play on the playground and on the swings. She is no longer afraid of the world around her. The staff has taught her to embrace her surroundings and face her challenges. My middle child has learned that she is not bulletproof, but her spirit still shines and she enjoys each new task. She has learned to speak with much help from Miss Debi , and is now to a point where people, including her school teachers, can understand her at least 90% of the time. My son has also learned to not be afraid of everyday things. He has gone from a child that would cry if he saw a large trunk, to being able to name each one as we drive by. Miss Tamara has worked hard to help him with his speech and he has found comfort in Miss Debi as well. The OT staff at Activities for Development are just amazing. They always do what is best for the children regardless of how it rearranges their personal lives.

The staff has become like a family to me and my children. They are a constant in an ever changing world. Each member of the staff have all improved each of my children’s lives, as well as my own life. I have no doubt that sensory integration is a true essential to kids with different needs. My children are happy and fit in better with children their own age. They have learned many skills including manners, good sportsmanship, as well as taking turns. At Activities for Development each child is seen for who they are, they are never stereotyped, and they are always encouraged to share how they feel. I believe that my children will do better in school and everyday life having had this experience. I can never solve all of their problems, but I can try and give them the tools to help them succeed. Activities for Development provides these tools.

Rachel N.

Searching for the right therapist is a difficult task. Having a “special needs” child, requires finding a “special” therapist. Carlina Cutler is that therapist. First, she is kind and compassionate. Carlina is a very knowledgeable therapist with innovative ideas. My daughter had a severe condition which required life-long therapy. Carlina worked with Roselyn for 15 years and, during that time, she managed to incorporate new, fun activities, while providing the appropriate therapy. I will always appreciate the difference Carlina made in Roselyn’s day. Activities for Development is a beautiful, clean, spacious facility, full of great therapeutic equipment.

Jaque M.

I’ve been bringing my two boys to Activities For Development for the last year and a half. I have always been impressed with their facilities and passion for what they do. They truly love their jobs helping the children that come here. They have been an invaluable resource and are very knowledgeable. I’ve always trusted all the information they have given me and their willingness to look outside of the box when conventional methods didn’t work. I highly recommend this facility and this staff to anyone who requires therapy. They have a good thing going here and that’s why I keep coming back even though for me it’s a little bit of a drive.

Aimee M. - Parent

Activities for Development is a perfect name for this establishment! Rather than being merely a “therapists’ office,” it is a fun, exciting place offering wonderful activities that support proper development. My children have been attending OT and speech here for many years, and their developmental advancements are noticeable. It’s not just the development of their balance, coordination, fine and gross motor, articulation — it’s also the development of their body confidence, social skills, and ability to enjoy physical activities or try new things.

When my oldest son began at therapy, his body was so stiff and tense that he couldn’t move properly and was afraid to climb, jump or run. He moved awkwardly and did not know how to correct himself. He had no sense of safety awareness because he had never allowed himself to try something and learn how to catch himself when he fell. Through
systematic skill-building and lots of support, the staff at Activities for Development have helped him transform into an active, confident, soccer-loving eight-year-old.

The staff at Activities for Development work hard to ensure personalized progress for each child, frequent parent communication and support, and they have fun along the way! In fact, they have become friends. They truly care about each child and it shows. We had attended another therapist previously, and we felt like a number – no one bothered to learn our names or help us support their work at home. In contrast, here I speak with the therapists at every visit and I know what they worked on, what they achieved, how my children behaved and what I can do at home.

As a former Special Education teacher, I know I was going to be picky about which therapist I would choose for my children, whom I would trust with their development. I am so glad I found Activities for Development!

Julia C. - MAEd.

My daughter has been coming here twice a week for speech and occupational therapy for 6 months. This place is awesome! She immediately felt at home here, in fact there are times she gets upset because we have to leave! The staff is amazing. She has connected with her therapists and formed a bond with them from the very first day. It is obvious that the therapist do this because it comes from the heart and they truly love what they do. She has made so many strides in such a short period of time.

This is an incredible place for your child to receive therapy. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t drive 85 miles round trip a day to bring her here! Thank you Activities for Development for being here for my daughter!

Jennifer - Parent

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